Where Have All The Members Gone?

It never happened before but there was 17 days between SMAF events.  Their blog report says:  “Only 3 (unnamed) people showed up today.   The past few golf days have seen only a few of us making it to the course for various reasons.”  During the 17 days there was also a report that 5 Santiburi members did show up at the Chiang Rai Golfers 2 day competition.

On Aug 6th I wrote:  “SMAF started out 3.5 years ago with just 8 members.  A couple of days ago there were 17, now 16.  As memberships come up for renewal members will have to decide if putting out 110,000 baht and committing for another 2 years is worth it.  Will they want to continue to deal with the excessive course maintenance, bogus handicaps, and the 5Points dictatorship?   Only time will tell.”

During the first 8 golf days in January 2018 and 2019 there was a decrease in participation of 26%.

First 8 days Jan 2018 Jan 2019
5Points 4 6
Andrew 1 3
Brian 5 0
Bruce 6 8
Darryl 5 1
Egbert 5 5
Graham 8 0
Jim 0 4
John P 0 6
Leo 7 0
Les 2 6
Marc 4 2
Paul 6 0
Peter 3 6
Steve 0 0
Young 6 0
Doc 6 1
Members 68 48
Friends 3 4
Totals 71 52

The members didn’t record 6 of the 52 rounds for handicap purposes.

It got much worse from there.  The CRG competition was at the end of January so it is understandable why there were no SMAF results for that period.  Last year there were considerably more than a total of 3 (unnamed) people who showed up for the first rounds in February .   Feb 1 (16), Feb 3 (9), and Feb 5 (14) – then the road trip to Lampang where there were 11 participants.

0Points, The Specialist in Failure, failed to address the unanswered questions before deserting.  Not once did he suggest sitting down with me, the members and himself to clear the air.   To do so might have meant he would actually have to admit he was wrong about some things.   It is far easier to go on the member’s blog and attack my credibility with vague statements stating that I “lost all perspective” than to meet face to face and deal with the facts.  It is comical that he would brag that he is blissfully unaware and claim that he was leaving SMAF in great shape.

Recently a SMAF member started yelling at me while I was enjoying a drink at a bar.   “Why do you bother with your blog – no one reads it?”   (Really?  If no one reads it then why do you care that I write it?)   “Member X” thinks you aren’t right in the brain”.   (Why would you say that in a bar?   If the member thinks there is a problem with my brain I would be happy to discuss it with him.)  “We don’t care about handicaps.”  (No kidding!  SMAF has gone so far as to stop recording scores on their blog, doing regular blog reports and even mentioning who was there.  They are doing their best to see that members aren’t caught manipulating their handicaps.  Why does SMAF have a blog if it doesn’t say who was there, what the scores were or even who won?

Since that evening in the bar the SMAF member has seen me twice only to call me a “piece of shit” and a “poo pusher”.   In neither case was I disrespectful to him.  I would suggest to all members that having a member behaving like this in public doesn’t make your group look fun and friendly.

A tour group recently came to town and was advised by someone (not me) that SMAF was not worth their time. The message has got out – SMAF is not fun, friendly or fair.  You can hardly call this a golf group when only 3 members (who prefer not to be named) are all that show up in perfect weather during peak season.  The disrespectful member is correct about one thing – this blog has become a waste of my time.  My last posting will appear in the near future.

For your amusement A very short cartoon clip.