The Chiang Rai expats that are members of Santiburi Golf Course have formed their own golf group.  Most of us live full-time in Chiang Rai and play 3 or 4 rounds of golf every week of the year.   Therefore, it makes financial sense that we unite together to play golf in a friendly and competitive manner at Santiburi.  Those that are not members of Santiburi are always welcome to play golf with us.

Blind Skins Game

We play a “blind skins” game.  The reason it is called “blind” is because no one knows the winners until after all have completed their round.  There are 25 skins (points) each day consisting of the winner of each of the 18 holes, closest to the pins on the four par 3’s, 2 skins for best Stableford score and 1 for the second best Stableford score.  Twenty five skins at 10 baht per hole is a 250 baht entry fee per competitor.  Anyone that doesn’t wish to be part of the skins game should inform the Organizer of the Day that they wish to be excluded.

For 5 or less competitors – an outright winner is required on each hole, if 2 or more have the most stableford points on a hole the skin is “pushed” over to the next hole.

For 6 to 9 competitors – the skin may be shared by up to 2 players, if 3 or more have the most stableford points the skin is “pushed” over to the next hole.

For 10 to 13 competitors – the skin may be shared by up to 3 players, if 4 or more have the most stableford points the skin is “pushed” over to the next hole.

Should 14 or more people compete, the group is divided into 2 divisions.  One division for the lowest handicaps, the highest handicaps in the other.

The closest to the pin competitions can only be won by those that have scored par or better.  If you think that you have a chance to win this skin, you should mark where your ball stopped on the green.  Only after putting (and not 3 or more putts) should you move the sticker and place your name on it.

Should no one win the skin on the 18th hole and there are 6 or more competitors, the money goes to the best Stableford score of the day.  If there are five or less competitors, the entry fee is reduced by 10 baht for each skin not won.

Rules of Golf

We recognize that we are not all experts on the Rules of Golf and that occasionally someone will inadvertently break a rule.  As we are a friendly group we are inclined to not make an issue out of someone unknowingly violating a rule.  If the majority of those present feel the rule violation could have made a difference then the penalty according to the Rules of Golf is applied.  Outright cheating is defined as knowingly breaking the rules with the intention of getting an unfair gain.  Outright cheaters will be told not to compete with us again.


We use a slightly modified version of the USGA handicap system.  Only rounds played at Santiburi are recorded.  Since we exclusively use Stableford scoring we don’t use what the USGA calls “Equitable Stroke Control” (which is the maximum score you can take on each hole).   Instead of “E.S.C.”, at the end of the day we convert your Stableford points to your score for the day.   For example, if you have a 16 handicap and get 34 Stableford points then you have shot (36-34=) 2 strokes over your handicap.  Your score for handicap purposes will be par 72 + hcp 16 + 2 over = 90.

Those participating with us regularly are required to report all their Santiburi scores to the Fairness Specialist (FS).  The FS will update your handicap every 2nd Monday.

Those that do not participate with us regularly may declare a handicap and get the FS to approve it.  Once you have handed in 10 or more Santiburi scores you will play with the handicap that the FS has assigned to you.  In the interest of fairness, all those that don’t participate with us regularly are encouraged to send the FS all their Santiburi scores whether they played with us or not.

When submitting your Santiburi scores, please include the date, your Stableford points and handicap.

It is the Fairness Specialist’s responsibility to maintain the handicaps and ensure fairness in all competitions.


The Commissioner

It is the Commissioner’s responsibility to keep the affairs of the group as uncomplicated and as friendly as possible.  Should there be any complaints, criticisms, or suggestions for improvement the Commissioner will bring it up for an informal discussion at an ABAGM.   (a beer after golf meeting).


The Organizer of the Day (OOTD)

We encourage all those playing to participate in the draw for playing partners.  It is the OOTD’s responsibility to do the draw in a fair manner.   Before the draw, the OOTD will listen to requests from those that wish to play together as well as requests from those that don’t wish to play together.  The OOTD with do his best to honour those requests if he feels they are reasonable and won’t upset the harmony of the group.

The Commissioner, Organizer of the Day and Fairness Specialist will keep their positions until they choose to resign or the majority of those that are Santiburi members request a change.

Emails and Blog

All are requested not to have group email or blog discussions regarding conflicts, complaints or ideas for improvement.  Please notify only the Commissioner to deal with such items or bring it up at an AGABM.

All Are Welcome

We have been playing this format (Since January 2015) and we do have a lot of fun playing friendly, competitive golf.   We currently meet at Santiburi golf course on Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays at 8:15 am.