March rates –Results (Feb. 23)

Santiburi has posted it’s March green fees.   Weekdays 1000 baht, Weekends 1250.   That does not include the caddie fee or optional buggy.

We were informed today that there may be memberships that do not include the 10,000 registration fee.   If this is indeed the case the membership fee is 100,000 baht for 2 years (all in).   Those interested should let a member know and we will update you when further information is obtained.

Thursday results

Another warm, beautiful day.   There were 6 mini-vans ahead of us but we got off on time and around in 4 hours.   It seemed a bit slow because we were playing in threesomes. 6 Santiburi members — Brian, BruceG,  Jockey, Graham,  Leo, Les.
Nearest pins — #3  Brian,  #7 — Brian,  #12 — BruceG,   #17 — not won
Les  won the stableford with 39 points.  He also had the most skins (11.5) for a profit of 450 baht.
stb score Players Skins Money
37 96 Brian 24 6.5 150
34 80 BruceG 6 1.5 -150
36 91 Graham 19 1.5 -150
29 102 Jockey 23 1 -180
35 92 Leo 19 2 -120
39 105 Les 36 11.5 450
Next rounds at Santiburi:   Saturday (25) — Be at the course by 8:15 AM.
Monday (27) — Be at the course by 8:35 AM.

Santiburi Golf Rates

The course membership rate remains at 110,000 baht.   The membership gets you free green fees for 2 years.  You still need to pay the caddie fee, caddie tip and if you wish the cart fee.   It is estimated that the break even cost is about 70 rounds over 2 years for those that play during high season.   For those that play mostly low season you need about 100 rounds over 2 years.

High season rates are in effect until February 28th.

Weekday green fee:  2000 baht

Weekend/Holiday green fee:  2500 baht

At this time those that play with Santiburi Members can usually get a discount of 30% off the green fee.   However, there are days when it is only 20%.

In addition there is the caddie fee of 300 baht plus the expected caddie tip of 300 baht.  Carts are optional at 600 baht per golfer.

Low season rates are expected to start March 1st and it will be posted as soon as we know what the rates are.