Results – August 14, 2017

Another steamy day at Santiburi.  The greenskeeper staff did small-tine aeration on the front nine greens in front of our group, and spread topsoil on the greens behind us.  The aeration was virtually unnoticeable.  The sanding will likely be unnoticeable by next Thursday, when we play again.  The course was in excellent condition.

We had seven players:  Five members and two friends, Colin and Jeff.  Jeff and Peter are returning to Pattaya shortly, so this is Jeff’s last round with us.  It was a pleasure meeting you and playing with you, Jeff!  Please join us again when you are in town!  Peter will return in three weeks or so.

We played individual skins.  Here are the results:

Stableford scores:

  • Winner:  Andrew (37 points)
  • Runner(s)-up:  Bruce G (35 points) and Colin (35 points)


  • Hole 3:  Peter
  • Hole 7:  Bruce G (edged out Colin)
  • Hole 12:  Bruce G (edged out Peter)
  • Hole 17: Colin
stb score Players hcap Skins Money
22 112 5Points 26 4.00 30
28 102 Graham 22 1.50 -145
35 78 Bruce G 5 5.00 100
37 87 Andrew 16 5.50 135
35 89 Colin 16 6.50 205
32 86 Peter 10 1.50 -145
30 92 Jeff 14 1.00 -180

Next Events:

Santiburi Members and Friends

  • Every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday.   Please be at the course by 8.15am.

Chiang Rai Golfers.

  • Waterford  Tuesday 15th  8 30am

Results – August 12, 2017

It was a warm, muggy day at Santiburi.  The course was in fine condition, with all bunkers repaired and the fairways in good shape.  We had eight players:  six members and two friends, Colin and Jeff.  The Organizer of the Day, Andrew, called for foursome skins, with team awards for closest-to-the-pins on all par 3’s and team awards for the best stableford score and runner-up score.

I’ll go ahead and say it, 5Points was hard-pressed to figure all this out at the end.  Maybe he should drink; it may have all been clearer at the end of the day.  Nonetheless, after some interminable delays, we calculated the winnings and came to an amicable agreement on the outcome.  Leo, come back!  Everyone agrees, you do this so much better than 5Points!

Here are the results:

Closest to the Pins:

  • Hole 3: Bruce G (1 skin for Team Bruce G)
  • Hole 7: Peter (1 skin for Team 5Points)
  • Hole 12: Andrew (1 skin for Team Graham)
  • Hole 17: Jeff (1 skin for Team Les)


  • Stableford Winner:  Bruce G – 35 Points (2 skins for Team Bruce G)
  • Runner Up:  Tie Andrew and Graham – 32 Points (1 skin for Team Graham)

With team skins, each team records the best stableford score for each hole.  With four teams, a tie is a carryover — holes must be won outright.    There were a lot of carry-overs, and once again Team Les made the right scores on the right holes, including winning 7 skins on hole 10.  Team Bruce G won 6 skins on hole 18 due to a tie, since our standard practice with blind skins is to award a carry-over on hole 18 to the team with the highest stableford score.


stb score Players hcap Skins Money
29 105 5Points 26 0.50 -210
24 94 Peter 10 0.50 -210
  Team 5Points 1.00 -420
32 98 Graham 22 2.00 -90
32 92 Andrew 16 2.00 -90
Team Graham 4.00 -180
35 78 Bruce G 5 4.50 110
31 93 Colin 16 4.50 110
Team Bruce G
9.00 220
31 111 Les 34 5.50 190
27 95 Jeff 14 5.50 190
Team Les 11.00 380

Santiburi Members and Friends

  • Every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday.   Please be at the course by 8.15am.

Chiang Rai Golfers.

  • Waterford  Tuesday 15th  8 30am

Results – August 10, 2017

A beautiful day at Santiburi.  The course was in pretty good condition, still recovering from recent rains and fairway maintenance, but bunkers in generally good shape.  We had eight players:  six members, and two friends, Colin and Jeff, a friend of Peter R’s from Pattaya.  We played four man teams, with each team counting the two best scores of their group, at 100 baht per player.  We also recorded the closest-to-the-pins on all par=3 holes (40 baht), and paid 20 baht per player to the individual with the best stableford score.

Les struggled mightily to carry his team, but they just sucked too badly.  Les won the individual honors, but his team could only muster 82 points to Graham’s team score of 90.

Santiburi Members and Friends collected 3,500 baht as a condolence gift for Santiburi staff member Jitten Insorn, who was fatally injured in a motorcycle accident on Sunday, and who will be cremated tomorrow.  The gift was donated to Mr. Insorn’s family in the name of Santiburi Members and Friends Golf Association.

Here are the results:


  • Hole 3:  5Points
  • Hole 7:  No One
  • Hole 12:  Graham (x2)
  • Hole 17:  Bruce G

Stableford Score:  Les (42 Points)

stb score Players hcap Money
41 89 Graham 22 200
35 89 Andrew 16 40
38 75 Bruce G 5 120
35 87 Jeff 14 40
90 Team Graham Winner!
25 109 5Points 26 (-80)
25 93 Peter R 10 (-160)
42 100 Les 34 0
28 96 Colin 16 (-160)
82 Team 5Points

Next Events:

Santiburi Members and Friends

  • Every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday.   Please be at the course by 8.15am.

Chiang Rai Golfers.

  • Sunday 13th  Contact Rob Parish for venue and tee time on Line or email
  • Waterford  Tuesday 15th  8 30am


Results – August 7, 2017

Once again the course had received a lot of rain, and  was affected by eroded or water-filled bunkers and soft fairways.  We elected to play all bunkers which had not been repaired as Ground Under Repair, with a free drop.  We also played Lift, Clean and Place in the fairways.

We had eight players (six members and two friends, Colin and John F).  We elected to play foursomes (two-man teams, with the team stableford score being the better ball).  We drew for teams, and each player contributed B100 for the winner-take-all pot.

The final scores were tightly grouped (within 3 points).  Colin and Les posted a winning score of 44.  Notably, Les scored 26 points on the back nine to post the team score on all nine holes and he also broke 100 for the first time.  He complained of back pain at the end, having carried his partner Colin on the entire back nine.  It was hit the ball, drag Colin, hit the ball, drag Colin!  Les graciously covered the drinks at the end, due to his 99 score.  Way to go, Les!

On a sad note, we received news that a Santiburi staff employee, Mr. Jittin Insorn, suffered fatal injuries in a motorcycle accident last night.  Mr. Insorn, age 23, worked in the bar/enclosed area in the upstairs restaurant.  His remains will be cremated on Friday, August 11.  On Thursday, John Cates (5Points) will be accepting voluntary donations for Mr. Insorn’s family to express our condolences.  Please see 5Points if you would like to contribute.

Here are the results:

stb score Players hcap Money
33 97 Graham 22 0
27 93 Peter R 12 0
41 Team Graham
37 97 5Points 26 0
33 80 Bruce G 5 0
42 Team 5Points
35 95 Marc 22 0
33 93 John F 18 0
43 Team Marc
43 99 Les 34 400
28 96 Colin 16 400
44 Team Les  Winner!

Next Events:

Santiburi Members and Friends

  • Every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday.   Please be at the course by 8.15am.

Chiang Rai Golfers.

  • Tuesday 8 Aug:  Waterford 8.30am.

Results – Saturday, August 5, 2017

Today opened beautifully, mostly cloudy and mild, but the weather report was not positive.  Sure enough, it rained on our group for about three holes as we made the turn, but it stopped after that and we finished the round with no problems.  The course is in fine shape, although some of the back nine fairways have been cored over the last week or so.

We had six members and one friend – Colin.  Marc did not participate in the skins game.  Skins is one of our favorite games because it keeps one engaged — even if one is not having the greatest round, all it takes is one (or two) holes to get you in the winner’s circle.  So it was for Les, who won hole 10 for four skins, and hole 17 for five skins, despite having the second-lowest stableford score.  Andrew said he was going to go to the driving range on Monday!  Good luck, Andrew!  Let us know how it goes.  We may be right behind you!


  • Closest to the Pins:
    • Hole 3:  Colin
    • Hole 7:  Graham
    • Hole 12:  Graham (beating Bruce G by about 1.5 feet)
    • Hole 17:  No one
  • Stableford
    • Winner:  Graham (38 Points)
    • Runner-Up:  Bruce G (33 Points)


stb score Players hcap Skins Money
24 110 5Points 26 1 -180
38 92 Graham 22 8 240
33 80 Bruce G 5 2 -120
28 96 Andrew 16 1 -180
25 116 Les 33 9 300
31 93 Colin 16 3 -60

Next Events:

Santiburi Members and Friends

  • Every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday.   Please be at the course by 8.15am.

Chiang Rai Golfers

  • Sunday 6 Aug:  Waterford, 8:30 am.  Contact Rob and let him know if you are coming.
  • Tuesday 8 Aug:  Waterford 8.30am.

Results — Mon July 3rd — updated handicaps — Santiburi July rates

An overcast sky and a light breeze made it a great day for golf.  The fairways are healing nicely and the greens are good.    For the month of July the green fee at Santiburi is 1000 baht + 300 baht caddie fee every day including weekends.

There were 6 Santiburi Members and 2 Friends (Jim and his friend, Robert) for another white tee competition.   For the first time a closest to the pin competition had to be split.  We had to pull out the measuring tape and found that both 5Points and BruceG were 239 inches from hole #7.   As usual BruceG was dominant on the par 3’s winning the 12th and 17th as well.   Leo had won the 3rd.  5Points won the stableford and the most money with 42 points (gross 92).  It was his best round since March when he had a 90 also in a white tee competition.  Much to Jim’s surprise it wasn’t another “donation day” and he will be leaving town in a few days with 190 baht of our money.

Santiburi Members and Friends play every Monday, Thursday and Saturday.  Please be at the golf course by 8:15 AM.

Chiang Rai Golfers are at Waterford tomorrow and Thursday at Happy City.  Both days 8:30 AM.

Today’s scores:

stb score Players hcap Skins Money
39 75 Bruce G 6 3.5 30
31 97 Graham 20 0.5 -210
42 92 5Points 26 8.5 430
36 89 Leo 17 2.5 -50
32 107 Les 31 2 -90
28 112 Steve 32 0.5 -210
31 113 Jim 36 5.5 190
27 113 Robert 32 2 -90

Handicap changes:   BruceG down 1 to 6, Leo down 1 to 17, Graham up 1 to 22, Les up 1 to 34, Marc up 1 to 22, Steve up 1 to 35.

Name Handicap Index Blue Handicap
Brian J 21.8 24
Bruce G 5.6 6 down 1
Darryl 17.1 18
Egbert 24.6 27
Graham T 20.3 22 up 1
5Points 26
Jockey John 20.3 22
Leo 16.1 17 down 1
Les 31.2 34 up 1
Marc 20.1 22 up 1
Steve 32.4 35 up 1
Peter R 11.5 12
Bruce K 30.4 31 plays 29

March rates –Results (Feb. 23)

Santiburi has posted it’s March green fees.   Weekdays 1000 baht, Weekends 1250.   That does not include the caddie fee or optional buggy.

We were informed today that there may be memberships that do not include the 10,000 registration fee.   If this is indeed the case the membership fee is 100,000 baht for 2 years (all in).   Those interested should let a member know and we will update you when further information is obtained.

Thursday results

Another warm, beautiful day.   There were 6 mini-vans ahead of us but we got off on time and around in 4 hours.   It seemed a bit slow because we were playing in threesomes. 6 Santiburi members — Brian, BruceG,  Jockey, Graham,  Leo, Les.
Nearest pins — #3  Brian,  #7 — Brian,  #12 — BruceG,   #17 — not won
Les  won the stableford with 39 points.  He also had the most skins (11.5) for a profit of 450 baht.
stb score Players Skins Money
37 96 Brian 24 6.5 150
34 80 BruceG 6 1.5 -150
36 91 Graham 19 1.5 -150
29 102 Jockey 23 1 -180
35 92 Leo 19 2 -120
39 105 Les 36 11.5 450
Next rounds at Santiburi:   Saturday (25) — Be at the course by 8:15 AM.
Monday (27) — Be at the course by 8:35 AM.

Santiburi Golf Rates

The course membership rate remains at 110,000 baht.   The membership gets you free green fees for 2 years.  You still need to pay the caddie fee, caddie tip and if you wish the cart fee.   It is estimated that the break even cost is about 70 rounds over 2 years for those that play during high season.   For those that play mostly low season you need about 100 rounds over 2 years.

High season rates are in effect until February 28th.

Weekday green fee:  2000 baht

Weekend/Holiday green fee:  2500 baht

At this time those that play with Santiburi Members can usually get a discount of 30% off the green fee.   However, there are days when it is only 20%.

In addition there is the caddie fee of 300 baht plus the expected caddie tip of 300 baht.  Carts are optional at 600 baht per golfer.

Low season rates are expected to start March 1st and it will be posted as soon as we know what the rates are.