Dennis DiCesare – R.I.P.


Photo from the Canada Cup Golf Tournament — July 14, 2017

Dennis was a long time resident of Chiang Rai.   In recent years he didn’t play much golf but those that got to play with him always had an enjoyable day.  A true gentleman that will be missed  by those that knew him.

Services for Dennis were held at Wat Chetuphon in Denha on Saturday, August 9.   The following photos were taken at the funeral.



Santiburi 1 Year Membership for sale

Leo has sent in the following.

I am selling my Santiburi membership which expires on August 5, 2018 (about a year from now).  It has a current value of 55,000 baht.    This will be a blind auction.  You get one bid and whoever bids the most before 6 pm on Thursday gets it.   Any bids below 40,000 will not be considered.  If you are interested please send an email to my email address with your offer.   If there is anyone that doesn’t know my email address you can  click on the contact button at the bottom of this posting.

For those that aren’t aware — I have issues with my spine and will very likely be undergoing spinal surgery in the next couple weeks.  It is very likely that I won’t be playing golf again for at least 3 months, probably longer, possibly never.

I would like to thank those that have commented or sent me an email wishing me well.   I would like to say a special thanks to Santiburi member Dr. Egbert who sent me some helpful information.

For those that need some golf amusement I came across this.  It’s 4 years old but worth watching.


No golf today or Saturday

Due to the rain there was no golf today.    Most of the Santiburi members will be out of town on Saturday so it is likely no one will be there.   Assuming the weather is better we will be back to our normal schedule on Monday.

Santiburi Members and Friends meet on Monday, Thursday and Saturday.  Please be at the course by 8:15 AM.   Our friends are reminded that the green fee + caddie fee every day during the month of July is only 1300 baht.

Next Events

Next Events:

 Thursday, April 13:  Santiburi Members and Friends (SMAF) – be at the course by 8:15 AM

 Thursday, April 13:  Chiang Rai Golfers – At Waterford.  8 AM

Saturday, April 15:  SMAF – Be at the course by 8:15 AM

SPECIAL NOTE:  Santiburi is hosting the Singha Amateur event on Sunday April 30th.  SMAF has reserved 8 slots, and 6 slots are already spoken for (meaning there are two slots available).  This is an 18-hole shotgun event with prizes hosted by Santiburi golf club.  The entry fee is THB 3,500, which provides each participant with a Singha logo Golf Bag, Singha logo clothes/shoes duffel, and Singha logo umbrella, as well as green fee, caddy fee and cart fee included.  Just the merchandise alone is worth the price of admission!  IF YOU WANT TO PLAY AND YOU HAVE NOT YET SIGNED UP, please contact Basil Puppy Dog or 5Points ASAP.  (5Points has until 16 April to provide the names for the last two slots and pay for them, so if there are no takers the slots will be cancelled!!)

Golf next Monday (Apr 10th) — Santiburi under championship conditions

The following has been sent out to the Chiang Rai golf community.

Santiburi Members and Friends invite you to join us this Monday  (April 10th) for a round of golf under championship course conditions.   The greens are lightning fast — the rough is deep — the bunkers will be in perfect shape if it doesn’t rain on Sunday night.  Everyone is welcome to play, participation in our usual (250 baht) skins game is optional.   Green fee 1000 baht, caddie fee 300 baht,  carts are optional at 600 baht per person.

If interested please respond in the comments and let us know you are coming.   Please be at the golf course by 8:15 AM.

Change of plan for tomorrow (Thurs Mar 23)

5Points just got a call from Santiburi.   They have a seniors competition today and tomorrow.  Today they couldn’t get anyone out until 1 PM and suspect it will be the same tomorrow.

If you want to play tomorrow you have the following choices:

  1.  Go to Santiburi and take your chances that you can get out by 1 PM and that it won’t be slow.
  2.   5Points and Leo are teeing off at Waterford at 9 AM.  All are welcome to join.
  3.   Chiang Rai Golfers are at Happy City, 8:30 AM.

If one of the above options appeals to you then it might be advisable to leave a comment below and let others know where you will be playing.

Results — Mon. Mar. 6th

Due to the Bernie Memorial Tournament on Sunday, March 12th we have changed our dates for this week.   Wednesday (8th) and Friday (10th) — Please be at the course by 8:15 AM.

Immediately after golf on Friday, Darryl is hosting a (burgers and beer) barbeque at his home on the golf course.  All are welcome (including spouses and children).

The course is in great condition and was very quiet today.   Unfortunately when we got to the 14th we ran into a 5-ball that had teed off at 6:30 AM.   They completed their round in just under 6 hours.  Our 2 three-balls did it in about 3 1/2 hours.

Closest to the pins:  #3–Leo  (17′),  #7 — no one,  #12 — Egbert,  #17 — no one.

The stableford was once again won by Brian with 37 points.  Leo was 2nd with 36 points and won the most skins (6.5) for a 150 baht profit.  Graham had 2 birdies and still managed to lose a little money.

Jim joined us for lunch and will be playing with us this week.

stb score Players Skins Money
37 95 Brian 24 5.5 90
33 94 Darryl 19 2.5 -90
26 109 Egbert 27 3.5 -30
34 93 Graham 19 3.5 -30
26 104 Jockey 22 2.5 -90
36 90 Leo 18 6.5 150

Important Notice

We have started this blog for the purpose of making our events available to a wider number of people.  As this is available to the entire world we will never publish your last name, your phone number or your email address.

The biggest difference to the members and our friends is that starting next week the emails will originate from the blog rather than the basilpuppydog email address.  If you wish to continue receiving about 3 emails a week from us you must enter you email address and click the “Follow” button on the lower right.  If you don’t do that you won’t receive any further emails from us after next Monday.    Those that don’t want 3 emails a week but want to keep in touch should bookmark  .  You will be able to keep up to date at your convenience.   In the event that you lose the above link, you can google Santiburi members Chiang Rai and this blog should be found.  Emails to the basilpuppydog email address will still be checked and answered promptly.