Current Handicaps

SMAF no longer posts the scores on their blog which makes it impossible to update the handicaps.

Only rounds played with SMAF at Santiburi are included the in the calculations.   Those members that aren’t on this list will be added after their next round.   USGA rules state that handicaps should be updated not more than twice a month and recommends that they be updated on the 15th and last day of the month.   Since Birdie updates after every round I will be updating the following list every Tuesday.   Any non-member may have their name added to the list — just ask to be included.  Clicking on your name will take you to your Birdie scores.   Those that don’t like their Birdie nickname may request that it be changed.

Name Handicap Index Blue Handicap
Brian J 23.0 25
Bruce G 6 6
Egbert 22.5 24
Graham T 19.9 21
Jim 31.7 34
5Points 27.8 30
John P 9.8 11
Les 30.4 33
Peter R 12.3 13
Steve 30.8 33 b
Darryl 15.6 16 white